3 affordable ways to boost an outfit

When I first started purchasing new wears for my work wardrobe, I quickly found that buying quality was all good and well, but I could foresee a long road ahead of me until I could have a fun wardrobe again. By the time I had bought my quality black pants, navy pants, black blazer, white blazer, black top, white top etc…my wardrobe was QUALITY but it wasn’t very exciting. I needed some colour injection, fast. But how to do THAT on a budget? Here are my 3 cheap ways to boost a plain outfit:

1) Winter scarves

Oh my goodness. Have you noticed how many scarf choices there are at the moment? I use scarves all the time to brighten up an outfit, especially in winter when it is so easy to turn to your blacks and greys. The best thing about scarves is that they are functional too, AND can be worn in multiple ways. They also make excellent gifts if you can match your friend’s colour to them. Any colour also works well with black or white, so you know that the look isn’t going to clash. My favourite has always been purple and black but go for the colour that suits YOU.

2) Lipstick

I NEVER wore lipstick until I started working. But the ridiculous power it gave me knowing my lips were full and bright was addictive. Especially with my bland colour palette. The classic combo of white fashion with red lips – BEAUTIFUL. Pinks when wearing navy, priceless (actually right now while I am typing this I am wearing a pink top AND pink lips!). I prefer pink or orange lips when I am wearing black as sometimes red lips with black can look quite trashy on me. But some women pull it off completely, so again, you need to know what suits you and what empowers you! Recently I have discovered the brand Arbonne and their lipstick is awesome. Arbonne is a vegan brand that is sold around the globe (US, Canada, UK, Australia, and even here in NZ). Their lipstick stays on for HOURS without a primer and has no nasties in it. Tick, tick tick. If you live in any of the aforementioned countries and want to purchase an Arbonne lipstick, just leave a comment and I can organise it through online shopping for ya 🙂

3) Statement Jewellery

Statement fashion jewellery is a must have in your wardrobe. The perfect piece can absolutely lift the dullest of outfits. I often throw on a chunky necklace last minute and wonder how I was going to leave the house without it! At first I was afraid to play around with this as I am quite small-framed so thought chunky necklaces would drown me. But like anything, if you wear it with confidence then the compliments come flooding in. Looking for statement jewellery also gave me the chance to wear colours I wouldn’t usually. For example in the below pic, the bright orange necklace is one of my favs for summer yet I wouldn’t ever wear a bright orange top. The shiny aspect of the necklace helps to tone down the orange colour, and accompanied with the gold chain and fittings matches my skin tone well. Statement jewellery is also very inexpensive! I often just wait for the sales and I can pick up 4 pieces for $10! Too easy!

And of course remember you can combine 2 or all of the above tips for an extra boost! Check out my photos for a reference and remember to follow me on Instagram for daily tips: stylethekiwi

x Style the Kiwi x



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