Blazers are your Best Friend

The title should say it all. It is a FACT that I always have a blazer with me. I have one in the car which means at work if I have to jump into a meeting with a parent, there is a blazer on hand. When I receive a text to go and catch up with friends but I have no time to get changed, there is a blazer on hand. When a cold wind picks up during a weekend BBQ, there is a blazer on hand!

Why are blazers so good? For the work wardrobe they immediately zoosh up your outfit. If you want to look professional at work, throw out your cardigans and invest in some quality blazers. Putting on a structured blazer immediately gives you a boost of confidence. Suddenly your daggy flats don’t quite match your new sophisticated style; so you start looking at your whole outfit, not every piece in isolation. That’s what blazers do. They give you a sense of pride, which fuels the rest of your outfit too.

I also LOVE to wear blazers in the weekend. If you find the right style in a neutral colour, a blazer with jeans for weekend wear oozes style. You can look relaxed and feminine while still looking stylish. This is why blazers are your best friend.

Blazers can also be picked up relatively cheaply in stores. Of course my number one rule is always go quality, but when I first started building my workwear wardrobe, I purchased cheaper styled blazers or put others on lay-by. Just like with pants, I started in neutral tones before adding in patterns and colours. So if you are going blazer shopping for the first time, invest in a black blazer. It goes with anything and will always look smart. I then branched out to a white blazer which is handy for spring and summer wear. Tip, to avoid the foundation and bronzer mark on your white blazer, always keep makeup wipes with you. Makeup wipes don’t just get makeup off your face – use them on your clothes! It works!

My last tip with blazers is to make sure you get the right style and fit for you. The sleeves need to reach to your wrists. Blazers that are short in the length look weird. So be prepared to fall in love with a colour or fabric, yet walk away if it doesn’t fit right. Like any piece of clothing, no matter how in love with the print you are, if it doesn’t fit right you will barely wear it.

Currently in my wardrobe I have a black blazer, white blazer, deep purple and a gold/nude print. Those 4 blazers are enough for my work and weekend wardrobe but I always keep my eyes peeled for a good blazer bargain.

Blazers – your best friend!

x Style the Kiwi x


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