Intro – how I went from track pants to Fashion

Welcome to my first blog post on Fashion and Style for the woman in her 20s! Here is my intro to my story…

In 2010 I graduated from University in a whirlwind of excitement and naivety, ready to take on the world. I was finally waving goodbye to my 2 minute noodles, the leaky roof of my car and multiple tried and failed attempts at cutting my own hair. Not in a million years could I have predicted that one of the most painful and annoying experiences of entering the workforce was building my professional wardrobe. But after living the past few years in track pants, jeans, t-shirts and a puffer jacket, it dawned on me that I only had 1 or 2 outfits appropriate for a 20 year old wanting to make her mark in the world. Cardigans just wouldn’t cut it anymore. 


So I did what any desperate girl would do; I dragged myself through the mall and quickly figured out I literally had no idea about how to build a functional, classy wardrobe that not only looked good but one I could actually afford. Gucci inspired Powerhouse suits were not an option and I just couldn’t justify spending the equivalent of my grocery budget on 1 branded tailored top. What to do?


Fast forward 7 years and I am confident that I have the whole thing sussed. Would I say I’m “fashion forward”? No. Would I say I can recreate 20 different outfits from a catwalk? No way. Would I say I drop my whole pay on outfits? Definitely not (heellloooo…I’m on a teacher’s salary….).  But I can tell you that I know how to stretch a dollar, how to build a wardrobe where anything goes with anything and still keep an identity. Once you know the basics, the rest is easy. 


But why is this even important? I don’t know about you, but entering the workforce as a young woman and wanting to be taken seriously not only by your clients but your colleagues too, means that you actually do have to present yourself as a professional. Maybe you’re a lawyer, an accountant or a teacher like me. It doesn’t actually matter. At the end of the day, I experienced parent-teacher interviews dressed in my jeans and cardigans, and then I experienced interviews with the same parents in my pants and blazer. Guess which one I was treated like a professional? No brainer. If you look and feel a certain way, you will be treated that way. It’s an unwritten law of life as old as the hills. Like it or lump it. 


So…this is what my blog is about. Tips, tricks and hints on how to master your wardrobe professionally and socially. Feel free to check out my Instagram on stylethekiwi to follow my fashion posts and of course steal any styles, outfits or ides you want! I love getting comments and I love seeing what you girls are creating in your day wear too.

x Style the Kiwi x

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 9.45.51 pm.png


3 thoughts on “Intro – how I went from track pants to Fashion

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  1. I’m in my first year of teaching and find dressing for work so difficult – I want to look nice and feel confident, but my work wear has to be functional and breathable as I am moving around all day whilst it must look smart and also be comfortable… do clothes that tick all of those boxes even exist?!

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    1. Hi Jess! Wahoo on your first year of teaching 🙂 I hear ya on the workwear front. I 100% know how you feel because I’ve been there myself. But yes! Clothes like that do exist! It’s late here in NZ and I’m heading to bed but I’m posting tomorrow some tips that will help you! X


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